Who are we?

Proviv√°h is a private trust established by Mexican businessmen in order to support Mexican families with lower incomes living in overcrowded or unsafe places such as near cliffs or riverbanks.

Our mission

The trust was created in December 1999. Since then its goal is to raise funds from companies and society to build and provide decent and safe houses to Mexican families living in asset poverty. All this is done non for profit nor politic.

Fideicomiso Proviváh is a donatee authorized by the Tax Administration System; therefore, all donations received, financial or in kind, are tax deductible.

Throughout its history, the Fideicomiso Proviváh has maintained the principle of allocating 100% of raised funds by donations to house-building.

Why work to support house-building?

Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh founders decided to help solve the problem of homelessness among the most vulnerable sectors of society, as they know housing is a very important factor on families and societies development, for it is:

  • The most valuable asset for Mexican families.
  • An important source of job creation.
  • A fundamental justice factor and social stability.
  • A mean to achieve rooting and strengthening of communities, and thus, of society.

Nowadays Mexico is facing a big problem with housing, especially among the poorest sectors of society, who have no access to INFONAVIT and FOVISSSTE loan, and are definitely not subscribed to any banking or financial institution.

Due to the lack of opportunities, these families have been compelled to live in unsafe places near riverbanks and cliffs, or severe overcrowded dwellings.

Many activities that promote the improvement of living standards of individuals, and society in general stem from this determining factor.

Technical Committee

Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh has a Technical Committee which acts as its collegiate body for decision-making and is formed by:



Sr. Alfredo Achar Tussie

Presidente Honorario

Ing. Steven Sorsby Nadel


Ing. Ishie Gitlin Dultzin


Lic. Alexis Rovzar de la Torre

Secretario Técnico




Sr. Elkan Sorsby Goldfein

C.P. Jaime Bargalló Fuentes

Lic. Rubén Goldberg Javkin

Lic. Isaac Chertorivski Shkoorman

Mtro. Oscar Elizundia Treviño

Sr. Roberto Shapiro Shein

Ing. Carlos Gutiérrez Ruíz


Lic. Luis de Pablo Serna

Lic. Armando Reza Becerril

Furthermore, as part of its growth and institutionalization progress, since 2009 was included in its name "Fundación Vivienda." (Housing Foundation); so that now the Trust is recognized as: Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh.

All Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh work is permanently audited by the office Bargall√≥, Cardoso y Asociados.