Work model

To fulfill its purpose of work, Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh has designed a work model of shared responsibilities, which involves the three levels of government, the benefited families and the trust itself.

Thus, the State and/ or Municipal governments provide lands for the construction of houses with drinking water, electricity and drainage utilities; the Federal Government, through the National Housing Commission (Comisión nacional de vivienda, CONAVI) and the National Fund for Popular Housing (Fondo nacional de habitaciones populares, FONHAPO), grants a subsidy per each dwelling to be built; Fideicomiso Proviváh also provides a subsidy for each dwelling; and families make a financial contribution to obtain their new home.

Fideicomiso Proviváh
Benefited families
Housing Problem Solved

With this work model, Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh selects the states and municipalities where the houses will be built; defines the number of houses to be built; selects, along with the Federal and Local Governments, the benefited families; assigns the construction company responsible for the work and supervises the work; and directly manages all project financial resources.

Joint ventures and partnership model

Since the beginning, Proviváh has also been a broad and plural space of participation, not only for their donors but, outstandingly, also for the people involved, whether they are from public, private or social sectors.

Therefore, Proviváh has today formed important partnerships that have enabled it to increase the number of homes built and benefited families.

In consideration of the aforementioned, it has a strategic alliance with the public sector: Office of the Secretary for Agricultural and Urban Land Development, (Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano), The National Trustfrund for Housing (FONHAPO) and the National Housing Comision (CONAVI) are annually involved in every project that Proviváh undertakes.

Regarding the private and social sector, Proviváh has developed alliances with Banco Santander, Fundación Ara, Fundación Chedraui, Nacional Monte de Piedad, Sociedad de Beneficencia Sedaka y Marpe I.A.P., Fomento Social Banamex, Tycoon Enterprises, etc. whose participation is one of the Trust most important assets, have joined.

In addition to these partnerships, undoubtedly the main ally that the Trust has are dozens of people and companies that every year with their donations make possible for thousands of families to have a decent and secure home.