Housing characteristics

Thanks to its Work model, homes built in urban and suburban areas within 37 and 44 m² include two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a multipurpose space.

Houses are built with block and steel structures and concrete slabs, within an area of 90 m², and is possible for these families to expand the homes if desired, up to 85 m².

In 2012, and in order to contribute to sustainability, Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh, has included eco-techniques in the houses, such as energy saving lamps, ecological toilets, showers with built-in water saving device and water saving sink handles in bathrooms, waterproofing of roofs and Bioblock walls.

Fundación Vivienda. Fideicomiso Proviváh works throughout the country with all social groups, with all governments, regardless of their political preferences and for the sole purpose of helping those in need.